Customer Testimonials

Here are just some customer testimonials that have used our dog training services over the years.



"Amazing experience! Chase had been to two different training schools previously. Including a 10 day board and train. Nothing in comparison to how he came home from his 4 week session. As others had mentioned I wasn’t sure if he was the same dog that we sent. His behavior and demeanor is exactly what we were looking for. Besides the professionalism in dealing with Chase, Garrett spent a significant amount of time at our house on day 1, midway through the training and on drop off day going over the training and showing my wife and I how to make sure Chase stays on track and succeeds. My only wish is that we had found him sooner and sent Chase there from when he was a pup.

Highly recommend American Standard and anyone is more than welcome to contact me directly if they want a reference or have any questions about my experience."

Will Gordon

"I would recommend American Standard Dog Training to any dog owner. My dog is a completely different dog and the one on one training received upon return my dog was phenomenal. Amazing experience! Thank you"

Crystal Edwards


"Did an amazing job at turning around our stubborn two year old lab! Would highly recommend!"

Lauren Hester Blackwell


"Best trainer thus far! He took my dog from a mad man to a calm Giant! Best experience came to me and my families home and went step by step without any issues. Appreciate the training and appreciate the business process."

K Kool Breeze


"Highly qualified and dedicated to the potential all dogs possess! Great to see your work."

Lory Nelson Brunner

"I just got my dog back after 3 weeks away, I have to say, if I didn’t know any better I thought I had received someone else’s dog. I am at a lost for words, words cannot begin to express how impressed I am with the level of obedience my dog currently posses.

When my dog was returned, Wing took the time to go over every command and answered every question I had. He even made himself available should I have any questions in the future. My dog was treated with respect and care this was apparent watching them work together.

I am extremely pleased with the level of service American Standard Dog Training has provided. If anyone is looking for someone to train your dog and not worry about their pet’s well being American Standard Dog Training is the place."

Jen Kski


"Structured and in-depth training! My Corso is the one in the videos. Due to his potential size ( his sire is 155lbs, uncle 160 lbs @ 2 yrs old) it was and is important for my puppy to receive the best training possible. It created a baseline of communication and understanding between me & my Pup. I’m actually dropping him back off in September for more training!"

Martiek Harris

"I’m Charlie, and I am 14 years old and I wanted nothing more than a German shepherd. When I got her, I realized she was a lot more work then I could have imagined. When Hadley first went to Garret (6 months old) she barked whenever she wanted to, bit people frequently, and had plenty bad habits. When she came home, she sat quietly without being told to, doesn’t bite, and does all of the basics including; sit, stay, lay down, heel, come, inside (crate), and more perks all with hand commands. She never snatches food off the table or chases after people or dogs. The E-Collar came with the training and works great as well as the pinch collar, Garret taught us how to use both of them humanly. She can also hang out with us in the kitchen, living room, and pretty much everywhere else without causing trouble which was absolutely not possible before. All throughout the process, Garret texted us with process and uploaded instagram, facebook, and youtube pictures and videos. At first, my parents were totally on board with sending Hadley away for a month. But they now realize it was the best decision we could have made. Thank you so much Garret for making Hadley such an amazing dog and part of the family!"

Kassandra Considine Hugill