Dog Training Programs & Rates

We offer discounts to first responders, military, teachers, and healthcare professionals. Please inquire with us.

Premium 6-Week Advanced Off-leash Training

Our premium 6-week advanced “off-leash” training program guarantees your dog will respond to commands and behave when on-leash, as well as respond to a remote e-collar or “digital leash”. A $250 remote collar is included.

What makes our program “Premium”?

  • We only train 3 – 4 dogs at a time
  • We have 3 full-time trainers
  • We board & train at our 1-acre home

Your dog/puppy will live with us in our home, with our family, on our 1-acre property. Each dog or puppy will receive their very own customized training to best suit their individual needs and personalities. You will get video updates every few days showing their progress.

Your dog will go on numerous walks everyday and interact safely with other board and train canine students. They will go on field trips to restaurants, shopping centers, dog parks (exterior only), a local farm, Home Depot, etc. In short, we prepare your dog for the real world which includes how to behave both in and outside your home.


Your puppy will learn sit, down, stay, come/here, off-leash heel, loose leash walking, off-leash walking, go in crate, stay in crate, stay on place board, wait at door, recall and all other types of good behaviors while eliminating any bad behaviors such as biting, barking, lunging, pulling, jumping on people, jumping on doors, eating off tables/countertops, etc).

As part of the program, we provide two (2) intensive private one-on-one lessons with you, your family, and your now well-behaved dog to teach you how to easily maintain their excellent behavior for life. This training is usually conducted at your home where we will spend 2-3 hours going over everything with you and your family.


with Master Trainer Garret Wing

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with Certified American Standard K9 Trainer

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Private In-Person 1-on-1 Training Sessions

(3-4 hours + training equipment included)

We sometimes offer house visit trainings for certain cases. Our private training sessions are not cheap, but cheap training is not good. We are constantly told from our clients that they and their dogs learned more in one lesson with us than 10 lessons with the “other trainer” that they wasted thousands of dollars on. We often solve major but isolated training issues in just one visit.


with Master Trainer Garret Wing



with Certified American Standard K9 Trainer


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