Dog Training Programs

The following is a list and description of our premium canine board and train program and the skills your dog/puppy will learn upon completion of the program.



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Our board and train program is only offered in a Premium 6-week Off-Leash program. The program includes a custom fit professional grade remote training collar or what we refer to as a “digital leash” outfitted with professional grade accessories to ensure a comfortable fit for your dog and reliable contact. The program also includes a 6-foot biothane leash, a martingale leather collar and a high-quality herm sprenger prong collar properly fitted to your dog.

All of this equipment will last the life of the dog if properly cared for. Included as part of our premium board and train program, are two mandatory one-on-one owner’s training classes (2-3 hours in duration) in which we provide the owner(s) and family members with all the necessary tools, skills, and instructions to maintain their dog’s peak level of training. If proper maintenance and follow-through is provided by the owner(s), we guarantee your dog will be trained for life! At completion of the program we guarantee the below behaviors will be performed on command while your canine is both on and off-leash.


Our attention getting exercise teaches each dog to focus on their owner/handler. The “watch” command directs the dog to look and stare into your eyes. This lays the foundation for everything else you will ever request of your dog. If your dog is paying attention you can get him/her to perform anything within their ability.

Leash Manners and Walking:

This teaches dogs to work properly and confidently on a leash. Preventing unwanted pulling and jerking. This is often a concern of many dog owners. Teaching dogs not to jump up or on people is also covered during this training.

Sit/Sit Stay:

Dogs are trained to sit quickly on the first command and must stay until released or asked to perform another task.

Down/Down Stay:

Dogs are trained to lie down quickly on the first command and must stay until released or asked to perform another task.


The dog must come running to you and sit directly in front of the owner/handler when given the command to do so. The dog must stay sitting until released or asked to perform another task.


The dog will walk on the left side of the owner/handler and turn, or change pace, as needed. The dog will sit when the handler comes to halt.


Everything that has a beginning must have an end. That is why each dog is trained to the “FREE” or release command. When the dog has completed an exercise, he/she is given the release and may move around freely but not pull or jerk on the leash.


The dog is trained to go onto a place board or mat and remain there until released. This is very helpful when someone unexpectedly arrives at your door or you have guests come inside your house. Simply point to the mat and tell your dog “place”. Going on a picnic, vacation or friend’s house? Take your dog’s mat with you and he/she will understand to stay on their “place” until released.


On command, your dog will go into their kennel immediately without fighting it or refusing to go inside. Your dog will stay in their kennel until released even with the door of the kennel open.


While your dog or puppy stays with us in our home environment, we will eliminate bad behaviors such as jumping on people, jumping up on doors, eating food off of tables/countertops, and other items of concern as specified by our clients/owners.


Each command is trained in a controlled environment with positive methods until the dog clearly understands what is expected of them. We gradually introduce environmental distractions and pressure to ensure they will perform in the presence of people, traffic, other dogs and the like. We are balanced trainers and are only able to offer our behavior guarantee because we underscore our positive training methods with minimum levels of discipline and correction only when needed.

Finally, we proof the dogs with distraction training. This teaches the dog that when given a command they must follow the command even when distractions are present.